Community Pool Inspired Play Poster™


Create a pretend pool for your kids to use with our  Inspired Play Poster™. Our Inspired Play Posters™ are designed to be used with our themed monthly playbook and create an easy-to-execute play area for your kids.  Let your kids color in some of the elements and attach it to your wall with masking tape and watch a pretend airport come to life!

Use our Inspired Play Posters™ to create an open-ended dramatic play area for your kids. Or sign up for our monthly subscription for more printables that go along with the play themes!

Dramatic play offers wonderful opportunities for your child to develop a wide variety of skills.  Not only are they developing their imagination and working on their social skills, they can be increasing their vocabulary and learning about taking different perspectives.  It is also a way for children to understand the way their world works while also helping them understand their role in it. Pretend play is vital in your child's growth and development! 

Our posters are designed to be interactive and spark creativity with your kids, while making your life easier. Simply color, tape & play!

25.5" x 38.5"
Ships folded in an envelope.  
Created with children ages 2-6 in mind.

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